Runaway Bay Pool – Upgraded and Grand Re-Opening!

Runaway Bay Pool – Upgraded and Grand Re-Opening!

Dan’s Florida Condos (located within Runaway Bay Condominiums, on the sunny shores of Anna Maria Island, Florida) boasts the largest salt water pool on the island.  The pool is considered one of the best amenities of our community, and is a central hub for much of the family fun and socializing.  It has the added benefit of being heated, which allows comfortable enjoyment year-round.

Over the last years, and specifically the last 6 months, Runaway Bay has made considerable upgrades to the pool.  This started with all new loungers and chairs deployed around the deck of the pool area.  Last year all the pavers were replaced with upgraded and non-slip materials.  This spring of 2023, the pool had a major overall including reseal of the pool interior and a complete overhaul of the back flow and new filter platform and pumps.  As summarized by one of our owners, “The pool is now as good as new”.

Two dozen of our loungers are currently in a “re-slinging” project which will also refresh them to new.  Once this project is completed, we will have access to almost 40 additional loungers’ poolside for family and guests to gather, relax, and soak up the Florida sun.

Runaway Bay Pool - Upgraded and Grand Re-Opening!

This all could not have been done with the support of the Runaway Bay Board of Directors, Operations team, and volunteers which are made up of both our onsite and remote owners throughout the globe.  What a monumental transformation!

When you are ready to return to Anna Maria Island to enjoy your next family vacation getaway, we will be ready to welcome you at any one of  Dans Florida Condos one or two-bedroom units.  Please visit our Rates and Availabilty section of our website when you are ready to come on down for a swim!

We’ll see you at the pool!

Anna Maria Island Featured on NBC’s Today Show with Hoda and Jenna

Anna Maria Island Featured on NBC’s Today Show with Hoda and Jenna

Recently the production crew from NBC’s The Today Show, featuring Hoda and Jenna visited Anna Maria Island, Florida. They featured a story about Ashley and Dino, a couple from California who visited the island for a family vacation back in 2020. They found a simpler way of life on Anna Maria Island, consisting of no high-rise hotels, chain resturants, and fell in love with the turquoise waters. So much so, that hey decided to relocate their family of 4 as full time residents just a year later!

Ashley and Dino have a background in interior design and home remodeling. To help fund their relocation, they purchased a 4 bedroom hotel which desperately needed some TLC. Over the next year, they put in hard word and sweat to bring out the charm of their little island paradise and celebrated their grand opening in October of 2021.

Anna Maria Island Featured on NBC's Today Show with Hoda and Jenna

Dan’s Florida Condos ( owner Dan O’Connor (wow that was a lot of Dans in a short sentence) has a story that mirrors that of Ashley and Dino. After visiting the island over a decade ago, Dan knew there was something special about Anna Maria Island. “I find joy in sharing our slice of paradise on Anna Maria Island with others, and find a special satisfaction helping other family’s create lifelong vacation memories”.

You can find more information about Ashely and Dino at Feel free to reach out to Dan’s Florida Condos if you would like to more information or would like to experience Anna Maria Island for yourself.

Anna Maria Island Featured on NBC's Today Show with Hoda and Jenna
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5th Annual #BookDirect Day

5th Annual #BookDirect Day

Today we are celebrating the 5th annual #BookDirect day.

The #BookDirect initiative was first organized to educate guests about the advantages of bypassing third-party channels to book directly with management companies and homeowners. Today is the 5th anniversary of this movement, which falls on a quite unique date sequence of 2/2/22!  How fun!

Not only are vacation rental owners facing the same issues regarding the often-high commissions set by listing sites, but also guests themselves frequently end up paying more for the same stay.

5th Annual #BookDirect Day

For the past ten years I have used VRBO/HomeAway as my advertising venue for the rental of Dans Florida Condos ( I have two lovely 2br and 1br units located on Anna Maria Island (Central Gulf Coast, in Bradenton Beach, FL). Both units are located in Runaway Bay Condominium community, which offers guests top notch amenities and a friendly environment.   It’s such a treat having direct beach access right across the street from our home away from home! A few years ago, VRBO/Homeaway was purchased by Expedia and immediately began changing their business profile.

The first thing was to add a “Service Fee” of 7-13% to our rates all of which was passed on to you the renter. At the same time, we could see no benefit to you in return for paying that fee.  We feel as that extra money could be used to purchase a margarita while resting your feet in one of the many beach side bars of Anna Maria Island, FL.

VRBO/Homeaway began acting like any other rental Property Management Company and has continually harassed us to accept their “BIN” (Book It Now) feature, whereby they control the entire transaction, communication, etc. removing the “personal touch” of booking directly through an owner.

Additionally, they removed the option to contact us directly (phone/personal email) in order to address any questions about the unit or the Island and accommodation. Thus VRBO/HomeAway is no longer an advertising or networking venue, rather a booking site which only priority is to drive the profits for shareholders.

5th Annual #BookDirect Day

I am excited to participate in the #BookDirect movement by continuing to offer a “booking fee free” website at Check out Dans Florida Condos to take advantage of a Booking fee free experience. You’ll also find additional information on Anna Maria Island, FL, Runaway Bay Condominium community, along with pictures, guest testimonials, and an updated Blog of events happening on Anna Maria Island and Dans Florida Condos.

Did you know, that the average traveler spends $237 to big box booking sites like VRBO, HomeAway, and Airbnb!!!  They could be using that on a golf cart rental, fishing trip, or several rounds of drinks!

Six ways to Save $ By #BookDirect:

  1. Try and #BookDirect with the owner or property manager. If you want to book one of our properties, please visit our website, call/text 773-598-9717, or email me at
  2. Search on Facebook for the name and location to see if some of your favorite properties have a website or a Facebook page. From there you can contact the owner/manager and #BookDirect. You can like my page by doing a quick Facebook Search “Dans Florida Condos” or visiting
  3. Search for your perfect vacation rental on any of the big box listing sites. Identify your top choices, noting the property’s name and location. Use your search engine (i.e. Google) to search for the property name and city and possibly the owner’s name to find their #BookDirect website.
  4. Check for traveler reviews on the major websites (google business page for example). If there are a decent number of good reviews for a listing (say 10+), and the listing has been posted for at least a few months and had confirmed bookings (this information is usually included on the site), chances are it’s a safe bet. If the owner were in the habit of doing things like unjustifiably canceling reservations or wrongfully withholding security deposits, the listing would have been pulled or you would see this mentioned in reviews. (It’s important to note that the big listing sites will not remove negative reviews at the request of the owner/manager unless they violate the company’s guidelines.
  5. Consider purchasing trip insurance from a third-party; the coverage will likely be broader — and may cost considerably less — than that “covered” by a listing site fee.
  6. Explore alternative payment methods. The owner may be able to provide adequate information so you can use checks, bank transfers, or other methods with confidence and save an additional 3%.

If you have any questions about the changing Rental By Owner market or #BookDirect, you are welcome to reach out at any time. Please also take the time to “Like” our facebook page at

Here’s to starting a new #BookDirect adventure together, declaring independence from greedy profit hungry Big Box listing sites, and returning to a more personal Vacation Rental By Owner experience for us all. #BookDirect


Check out this interesting roundtable by #BookDirect enthusiasts!

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