Hurricane Ian impacts – Anna Maria Island, Florida

Although some minor damage occurred, Anna Maria Island, Florida survived Hurricane Ian without suffering the widespread devastation many residents and business owners originally feared.  Runaway Bay, the community which Dan’s Florida Condos operates out of had a few palms fall to the storm but were spared by any storm surge or flooding.  A lot of palm fronds and vegetation came down with a few soffits with minimal damage.

As of Thursday evening Sept. 29, most of Anna Maria, Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach remained without the water and sewage services provided by Manatee County and the electrical services provided by Florida Power & Light (FPL). Power and water were restored by Sunday morning 10/2 to Runaway Bay.

Before Hurricane Ian arrived, Manatee County ordered a mandatory evacuation of Anna Maria Island two days before landfall. A drive around the Island just before sundown on Sept. 27 revealed several boarded-up buildings and homes and a mostly deserted and evacuated Island.

Hurricane Ian was one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever make landfall Florida, which left widespread destruction all along its path. Parts of central and north Florida are still under water, with significant flooding throughout Volusia County and Southwest Florida.  Roads, homes, even highways are impassable, making damage assessment impossible without the use of drones to get a bird’s eye view of the damage.

Our slice of heaven on Anna Maria Island was so very lucky to have avoided a direct hit of Hurricane Ian.  This weekend, with the help of a group of volunteers and owners at Runaway Bay, we cleaned up the grounds around the complex in the aftermath of Ian and we are so very fortunate to say that things are getting back to normal.

A sailboat made its way towards the Cortez bridge, luckily not damaging the structure.

Our thoughts are prayers go out to our less fortunate neighbors in the Sanibel Island and Fort Myers areas, along with all other Floridians who were impacted. We understand this is a difficult time for Floridians and travelers who had vacations ruined because of the storm.  We already helped with accommodations to one displaced family and remain committed to helping support those that are experiencing hardship. We will continue working closely with travelers and Florida residents and we will do everything we can to help.

With the help of a group of volunteers and owners at Runaway Bay, we cleaned up the grounds around the complex in the aftermath of Ian and we are so very fortunate to say that things are getting back to normal.

For those with plans to visit Anna Maria Island, Dan’s Florida Condos are ready to host you.

Restaurants & Local Businesses

Shops and eateries quickly opened as power became available in each neighborhood. Some spots in Anna Maria are still being restored as it’s a bit spotty but our homes have power.


All local piers seem to be undamaged however each City Hall will carry out an inspection to ensure that the structures are safe before allowing the public on them.


We did not experience a storm surge! No storm surge means our beaches remained pristine. Towards the north end, Bean Point, is experiencing some brown water run off from the rivers emptying out into Tampa Bay. The western Gulf Beaches are very clear and turquoise. It’s a great time to pick up some sea sponges as many were washed ashore after the storm. Bring your metal detector on your next visit. It’ll be a great time to find shark’s teeth! It’ll be a great time to find shark’s teeth!

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3 thoughts on “Hurricane Ian impacts – Anna Maria Island, Florida

  • 10/05/2022 at 10:33 am

    Thanks for letting us know. All of the news coverage was about SW Florida — Ft Meyers, Naples, and Barrier Islands. We didn’t see any news coverage of AMI or Longboat Key.

    We were so worried about our Manatee County beaches. So glad you guys came through it, with no major problems.

  • 10/05/2022 at 4:29 pm

    Thanks for the update. So glad that AMI only had minor damage, and that the beaches remain pristine.

  • 10/05/2022 at 5:01 pm

    We were praying for you all feom Tennessee, we’re looking forward to spending some time there next June. Thank God you were spared.


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