Anna Maira City Pier - Reconstruction Upadate

Anna Maria City Pier – Lifeblood of AMI Continued Progress

Guests who visit Dan’s Florida Condos, which are located on Anna Maria Island, Florida are getting very excited about the return of the Anna Maria Island City Pier!  The pier is not only one of islands most visited tourist attractions, but is often frequented by local fisherman due to its excellent access to the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay waters.

The Anna Maria City Pier was originally built in 1911 but had to be closed in 2017 after enduring structural damage from Hurricane Irma. Anna Maria Island is buzzing with excitement, as the reconstruction of the 776-foot-long historic pier is showing amazing progress!

Anna Maria City Pier - Lifeblood of AMI Continued Progress
Anna Maria City Pier Progress

So far, all of the pilings have been driven into the bed of the Gulf of Mexico, forming the T-formation of the future pier walkway.  In early May 2019, bolts were installed on top of the pilings which will later be filled with caps of concrete.  Once the concrete is firmly in place, the caps will then support wood bents and beams which will ultimately support the walkway decking.

As far as the schedule of the project, the walkway should be completed by the end of August 2019.  The city, in parallel is running a bidding process with various construction firms for the building of the restaurant and bait shop.  The building configuration will be similar to the original design, which will be placed at the T-end of the pier.

One of the biggest concerns with not only local businesses but thousands of excited visitors, is ensuring the project is delivered on time.  The current contractor had a few delays as there were some issues removing concrete from the old pilings that supported the original bridge.

Anna Maria City Pier - Lifeblood of AMI Continued Progress
Anna Maria City Pier Progress

This should not make a significant dent in the schedule.  The city however is ensuring that any future contracts have strict language to motivate prompt delivery and, in some cases, pose up to a $495 daily fine for finishing past target dates.  The overall timeline completing the building which will house the restaurant and bait shop is 200 days once work commences.

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